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Leaving Lizard


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We are starting a three day mothershipping trip from Lizard Island today, and anglers depending, we’re hoping to do some fishing on Number 10 Ribbon. Unfortunately, the weather no longer looks like this. Winds 25knots and rain… Hopefully our anglers will decide to tough it out because there have been some promising reports. On Number 10 yesterday, Capt. Ross on Top Shot released a est 180lb black marlin for his fly fishing anger on 20lb tippet while Tradition also released a smaller fish. But word is that Capt. Peter B also released a grander.Friends fresh from changeovers at Cooktown will be joining us at the top end with both KEKOA and Castille planning to fish to the vicinity of Number 9 today. And Capt. Laurie on Ningaloo had three bites from 4 fish he saw yesterday releasing one in the middle.

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