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Character Building Weather…


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For those with trips coming up, be thankful we’re taking care of this nasty weather for you now. Yesterday was 25 knots, but for the most part very fishable, with some ugly little squalls thrown in for good measure. One such squall blowing a nice 34 knots and pouring rain brought Capt. Jim down from the tower for a spell. With most of the boats having a rest and replenishment in Cooktown on Sunday, the fleet is now spread from the lower Ribbons all the way to the top. Mixed reports with most people seeing fish. But catching a bit more difficult in the trying conditions. At Number 10, we managed one fish from two bites. At Number 7, Capt. Luke managed two fish from four bites to the 350lb range. Other reports were few and far between, though we heard that Capt. Corey had a tangle with a monster and Capt. Bill ot one on his trip downsea and Capt. Peter B. catching a small one on 10 as well. Top photos: Trevor on his fish and TowCam pole cam shot in the water. I need to work on my aim.And below, Capt. Luke’s fish at Number 7 Ribbon Reef. All are video stills. Too wet for the digi camera. Of the four boats that finished the day at the top of Number 10 – Reel Chase, Viking II, Iona and Sea Baby IV – we all pulled the pin and were running into the anchorage within minutes of each other trying to beat another rain squall we could see approaching. And half an hour later it had hit, and most of us were still trying to set our anchors = some very wet skippers and deckies. Not the smoothest night’s sleep to be sure, but we certainly did not go anywhere!

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