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22nd Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic Tournament Report (2008)


Shell Cove Capital Management 22nd Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic
4-11 October 2008 – By Kelly Dalling Fallon

This year 31 boats lined up for the traditional bimini-style shotgun start around the northern corner of Watson’s Bay.

The tournament got off to a solid start when the first fish – an estimated 900lb-er tagged and released for angler Chris Hart on board Hart Throb with Captain Brian Felton at the helm – was recorded after just an hours fishing. And when just one minute later the second fish of the comp was called in, it seemed that the bite was on! But, as time would soon tell, the hot bite we always hope for never really materialised and fishing was sporadic throughout the week.

Despite some drama with their first fish breaking the game chair and ruling them out of fishing for most of day one, Hart Throb lead for much of the tournament – adding another to their tally on Day 2 and three more on Day 4. However, it was last year’s winner Kanahoee who crept up from behind on Day 5 to put them into contention and finished strongly with two on the final day to take out the honours once again with 6 tags. Hart Throb finished in second place with 5 tags from Mauna Kea, with Captain Chris ‘Sharky’ Miles, also on 5 tags including three in a late run on Day 6.

This year two anglers have become eligible to apply for entry to the Lizard Island 1000 pound Tag & Release Club. Richard McInnis, fishing on board Viking II released one over the mark on Day 3. Captain Bill Billson reporting that the fish did some outstanding moves and jumps before the 85lbs of drag slowed her down enough for the tag,leaving her swimming away in good shape. And the champion Male Angler, Adam Furst (5 tags) fishing on Iona with Captain Corey Hard released one estimated at 1100lbs on Day 7 of the tournament with the team eventually finishing 5th on count back. Lydie Fayard fishing on board Tradition took out champion Lady Angler also with 5 tags releasing all of her team’s fish and landing them in 4th place.

Next years dates have been pushed back to put the fishing well into the best time of year on the GBR 25-31 October 2009 and will include the famous Halloween Party at the Lizard Island Marlin Bar.

Sunday, 5 October 2008, Day One of the Shell Cove Capital Management 22nd Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic saw 31 boats line up for a spectacular Bimini style start in Anchor Bay in front of the Lizard Island Lodge Resort.
The weather was fine with about 15 knot winds, but the fishing was a little slow. The first fish of the Tournament was tagged at 1219 on Hicks Reef by Chris Hart, fishing on “Hart Throb”, and was estimated at 900 pounds. One minute later, Rob Crane, fishing nearby on “Too Easy 11” tagged a 150 pounder and these two anglers and boats remained in 1st and 2nd place for Day 1 of the event.
Overall there were 23 strikes, 15 hook-ups and 6 tags for the day from the above vessels and “Reel Chase”, “Hot Shot”, “Maitai” (another 900 pounder on Hicks Reef) and “Joe Joe”.
For more information call Bob Lowe 0428 440 842.
Monday, 6 October, Day Two of the Shell Cove Capital Management 22nd Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic was once again only 10 to 5 knot winds giving comfortable conditions for the Anglers entered.
First tag of the day was by Jason Bull, fishing on “Iona 11” on Ribbon No. 8, at 1138 and was estimated at 60 pounds. There were several shots up to the next tag at 1132, all of which jumped o$. Stats for another quiet day  were 19 strikes, 12 hook-ups for 7 tags, with 1 estimated at 60, 3 at 200, 2 at 250 and 1 at 600 pounds. The fish were tagged from No. 5 Ribbon to Hicks Reef in the North.
The daily award for the most tags went to “Iona 11” with 1 tag, Champion Team and Boat at end of Day 2 was “Maitai” with 2 tags on a count back from “Joe Joe”, Champion Male Angler Richard Trotter with 2 tags on a count back from Richard Jenkins. Champion Female Angler was still open with the girls not scoring yet.
Fishing picked up on Day 3, with weather conditions still ideal. There were 37 Strikes, 24 hook-ups for 11 tags, with the size range 1 at 100, 3 at 150, 1 at 180, 1 at 200, 1 at 300, 1 at 400, 2 at 600 and 1 at 1000 pounds plus to “Viking 11”, which Angler Richard McInnes will claim as an entrant into the Lizard Island 1000 pound Tag & Release Club, subject to the Judgeâ€TMs decision.
Champion Team at end of day 3 was still “Maitai” with 2 tags from “Joe Joe”, Daily Award for the most tags went to “Reel Ripe” with 2 tags, Champion Male Angler was still Richard Trotter with 2 from Richard Jenkins and Champion Female Angler is now Lydie Fayard.
Day 4 was still slow, but improved, with 35 strikes, 26 hook-ups for 13 tags, with sizes again smaller than previous years, with 1 at 120, 1 at 150, 1 at 160, 3 at 200, 2 at 300, 2 at 400, 2 at 500 and the best of the day 1 at 700 pounds. Overall, at end of Day 4, the stats are 114 strikes, 77 hook-ups for 37 tags, so the fish are winning!
Daily Award Day 4 for the most tags went to the Team on “Hart Throb” with 3 tags on a count back from “Watch Dog”, also with 3. Champion Team and Boat is now “Hart Throb” with 5 tags and Runner-up “Joe Joe” , Champion Male Angler Richard Jenkins with 3 tags on a count back from Chris Hart with 3 and Champion Female Angler remains Lydie Fayard with 1 tag.
Day 5 we had 26 strikes, 17 hook-ups and 11 tags, with the fish again unusually small, with 2 at 100, 2 at 150, 4 at 200, 1 at 300, 1 at 450 and 1 at 500 pound. The Daily Award for the most tags went to the Team on “Kanahoee” with 2 tags. Champion Team remained “Hart Throb” with 5 tags and Runner-up is now “Reel Ripe” with 4 tags. Champion Male Angler Richard Jenkins and Runner-up Chris Hart retained their position with3 tags each. Champion Lady Angler, Lydie Fayard, improved her standing with another tag for a total of 2 and Janet Forster tagged one to claim the Runner-up position.

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