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Updates from Ultimate Lady on the way and marlin action on the Gold Coast today as well.Up on the Ribbon ReefsSkytrans continues to lose friends. Not only have they cancelled many of the scheduled flights between Cairns and Cooktown but yesterday they left our clients behind all but on the tarmac! A hastily arranged charter flight, a few hours later, and finally, just after lunch, we were on our way to the reef. But all the hassle became worth it when within half an hour putting the baits in the water at 2pm, Danny was onto his very first black marlin at Lena Reef – a stocky 650lb-er which crash tackled the big bait. With the seas nice and lumpy, the fish did what all big blacks do and headed straight into the weather. After taking many waves over the back, and plenty of water on board, we put the tag in beside the boat. And got some excellent footage on the TowCam PoleCam as well. Top: Danny’s fish swims beside Reel Chase. Below: Danny’s fish again jumps beside the boat & on KEKOA, a 250lb-er gets some great air! Also at Lena, KEKOA released an excitable 250lb-er straight after putting the baits in the water, while the rest of their group, on board The New Allure, had to wait until just before cease fishing to hook-up on their only fish for the day, a solid 700lb-er who did some damage to the outrigger in the rough seas.I’ve also managed to finally have a little catch up with Capt. Ross on Top Shot who has been plugging away at the fish day after day including four tags in the one day last week. Yesterday, fishing the middle Ribbons, releasing another one at the end of the day as well. Up at Day Reef, Tradition tagged one from two bites and ran into some of our sailfish up there as well while Capt. Dean on Castille missed a big one.Ultimate Lady News from Capt. Tom and the big blue boat we’ve missed seeing up here so far this year. They are having a good trip despite the weather mid Coral Sea. They have jumped off a bunch of small blues, and caught a few as well – not too bad for just straight lining. And word is they may have Australia’s first grander blue marlin in the boat. Hopefully they will be able to weigh it when they are in Townsville on Wednesday. Gold Coast Marlin ActionA call from Capt. Ross McCubbin on Sunday to let us know that one club boat tagged two blues and another a blue and a stripie on the weekend. Could be the year of the blues! Lets hope so because the blacks are being trying ;-)

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