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Lena Slows


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The marlin, they are fickle!Word of the fish at Lena Reef seemed to have spread with a number of other boats arriving Tuesday to join us, although the fish and the weather were not cooperating. Quite a bit lumpier than Monday, with a few rain squalls thrown into the mix and just the two fish reported in this area. KEKOA continues to plug away with another smaller fish from three bites. And Shaka, fresh from changeover at Cooktown caught an estimated 400lb-er at the top of Lena Reef.Down at Linden Bank, Capt. Kim on New Moon raised a group of smaller fish and managed to release one of the bigger ones at 450lbs from three as well. And that was it on the marlin front.Capt. Dean on Castille sent me this picture of a nice size Dogtooth they caught up to the north. On board Reel Chase we enjoyed a morning snorkel and spearfish behind the reef on the last day before the reef finfish closure with the bonus of a couple of nice sized trout for tea. And we also enjoyed some more TowCam PoleCam action behind the boat and can prove that its not just the barracuda’s and wahoo who enjoy eating the camera but the red bass, spangled emperors and other assorted reef fish do too. Today it seems everyone is heading south. Hopefully to find that magic congregation of fish.And a message to Peter: the boys are enjoying your tim tams and Dire Straits on board and said to let you know that they miss you ;-)

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