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Aus’s First Grander Blue


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Weighted in at 1080lbs! It was caught on a lure, 550 miles off the East coast at Mellish Reef – on the way back to Australia from Port Villa at 7:10 pm Monday evening after a 1 hour and 40 minute fight. It was hooked on a lure on 80lb line and Capt. Tom tells me it just about spooled them on the bite but after that it settled down.Originally the team on board Ultimate Lady planned to release but it did not survive the fight and was boated. The first document grander blue marlin weighed in Australia.As Capt. Tom says, it is a great catch for the angler, Australia and Townsville (where it was weighed)! Bless those kiwis ;-) Townsville is definitely making a name for itself now for the big fish. You’ll remember their first grander black marlin in 20 years weighed on Maggie Island last year.Congrats to the Ultimate Lady team! Big thanks to Talina for getting down there and getting all the details for us as well.More info: Capt. Kim tells me that Mellish Reef is 700nm east of Cairns and some 120 miles inside Australian waters. He fished there in 1988 and says that it is an awesome spot with good anchorage behind Herald Quay Islets.

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