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Grander Day


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While the weather knocked the bejeebies out of us, the fishing certainly made up for it and gives us all cause for excitment. Two grander releases were recorded Thursday which tops off a week of big fish sightings.At Number 6 Ribbon Reef, Capt. Dean and the team on board Castille hooked up to a monster releasing the fish after a heavy duty battle in the rough seas. Meanwhile, at Linden Bank, Capt. Dan on board Moana III more than made up for a slow week releasing two fish including one that Capt. Dan said topped the scales.Capt. Adam back on board Iona II returned to the same spot he fished early in the month for two from four to 700lbs and one of the ones that got away, over the 1000lb mark. Meanwhile, on the original Iona, as at half past 7 last night, I heard that Capt. Corey was still backing out to sea after a beast. [I’m promised some photos but I should mention my computer is playing up so they may be delayed. Thanks to Capt. Jim for letting me use his today!]Capt. Laurie on Ningaloo showed his skill at the helm on an exciting 650lb-er in the testy conditions. Capt. Luke on KEKOA powered back after a slow fishing Wednesday with two released at Anderson Reef. Capt. Tim on Tradition had a front row seat for the action with Castille’s grander and managed a good sized 600lb-er at Number 4. And back to us on Reel Chase, we slogged into the weather all day, heading to Linden Bank where we are fishing today, for a late reprieve with a fish for Rob at sunset.Giving us a little bit more optimism, was long liners reporting huge aggregation of marlin well to the east of the Ribbon Reefs which hopefully will swim inshore as soon as conditions suit them. Top: Castille’s monster. Bottom: Rob’s sunset marlin.

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