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Well we finally worked it out yesterday – in the fish’s calendar, it is still September. Because the moon was so early this month, the fish have decided to drop back a month, and when you look at all the conditions, it adds up to September. Howling winds – check, no east Australia current – check, cool nights – check, lack of fish – check (though this is changing!), Sparrow catches a striped marlin at Number 5 Ribbon – check! But the last week has definitely shown a dramatic improvement in the number of fish. Bring on October! ;-)Yesterday at Linden Bank, we raised four although we only released one due to some lack-luster bites. By the time we had left the Bank to run into Cairns, Adam on Iona II had also raised six including two big ones. And, The New Allure also raised 7 to just the one release and Ningaloo released another before running into Cooktown for changeover as well. We saw a lot of fish, tailing down sea and following the baits on the TowCam – they just didn’t seem too hungry. But tomorrow is another day. A maori wrass comes up to say hi on the morning snorkel and Simon’s Fish jumps behind Reel Chase. Reel Chase is in Cairns for the next few days and after the battering we’ve received all week, I’m pretty happy about that. The weather over the weekend looks pretty good though so hopefully there is a lot more action to report from the rest of the fleet. Stay tuned!

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