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Big Fish Saturday


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Lots of fishing reports in for Saturday. And the news is all BIG!At Linden Bank, boats took advantage of what Capt. Luke on KEKOA described as the “best weather day that he can remember this month” to fish long and hard. After raising a couple of big fish – including one well over the mark only to heartbreakingly spit up the scad – 80 year old angler Martin hooked up on the fish of his lifetime releasing an estimated 900lb-er after a short fight pushing 45lbs of drag. With still three days left to go on this his first trip down under, Martin is sure to top off what has already been great trip having caught seven of KEKOA’s nine fish in the last seven days himself! Left: Martin’s 900lb-er on KEKOA on the leader with Deckie Adam. Right: Team KEKOA are also getting some more great TowCam footage of some other bites Nearby on the Bank, Capt. Bill on Viking also took advantage of the weather, and a break from the marlin rats of earlier in the week, to release his third BIG fish of the season that he said was knocking on the door. (Hopefully some photos to come) Likewise Little Audrey took a break from their rats too releasing another BIG one Capt. Pete called over the mark. Capt. Adam on Iona II returned to his honey hole for more big fish action (Update – released one at 350lbs and pulled the hooks on a really nice one), Capt. Brad on The New Allure released two to 450lbs and Joe Joe were kept busy with plenty of bites including a double hookup of a marlin and yellowfin tuna – the marlin chowing down on the un-cleared skip bait still in the water – to an unfortunate end. Moana III had a few bites out of smaller fish further down at the light and Jenny Louise.But speaking of Moana – Capt. Dan kindly sent me a pic of their big fish from Trinity Opening Thursday. Capt. Dan’s Russian anglers are certainly finding success on the GBR. They caught a couple of nice fish in the middle last year including this one I took a shot of from neaby on Reel Chase. Thursday’s fish Capt. Dan put at over the 1100lb mark and the same anglers finding success in 2007. Meanwhile yesterday, the bottom of the Ribbons was also seeing some action. At Number 2, Capt. Steve on Kianja pushed the bar with an estimated 850lb-er for angler Pete on 130lb stand up (below left). Capt. Tim on Tradition fought a nice one for over an hour before losing the battle while at Number 3, Capt. Jared once again steered Shaka in the fishy direction with a 450lb-er early for John, and later, taking advantage of that magic time late in the day when many of the boats have already departed for anchorage, for this 850lb-er which also gave an aerobatic show (below right). Kianja and Shaka’s fish: both estimate 850lbs and Number 2 and Number 3 Ribbon Reef. Oh what a day! You wish you were here, don’t you?

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