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The Bank Still Fires


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I owe my headline today to Capt. Bill who had an outstanding day yesterday with a twist – bringing a bit of a hit and miss theme to today’s report. After releasing a solid 850lb-er earlier, the Viking team hooked up on a fish that Terry and crew wanted to put in the Boat. Then a most bizarre thing happened. As they were about to grab the leader, one of the following male fish got the line caught in its mouth and started jumping next to the boat, getting caught up in the whole thing breaking off their donkey of a fish. The small fish was released while caught up in the line and leader, and the big girl owed it’s male partner a big thank you. In Capt. Bill’s 25 years on the reef – he’s never seen anything like it!More great news from Iona II which left Capt. Adam with a big smile on the dial as the team returned to port yesterday – topping off a great few days of fishing with 5 at the Bank yesterday. 550, 500, 400, 200 and 100lb – the little guy who Adam told me they had to switch onto a queenie because the big baits were too big! That’s awesome fishing and proves that the fish are coming through in numbers. That’s what we want to hear!Capt. Luke on KEKOA released two smaller fish also at the bank and had trouble setting the hooks in a number of others. And Capt. Kim on New Moon lost one estimated at 800lb on 50lb. Capt. Dan on Moana III at Jenny Louise caught one at 450lbs from three. Not much talk from the lower Ribbons at all and Capt. Dean on Castille, who had ventured back up to the top, lost two nice fish – pulling the hooks on one and jumping the other off – at second corner on Number 10. At least TowCam gave them some great footage of the bites (below). Hopefully more fishing sticking today. (For those who notice an update here – apparently I can’t read. Congrats to the team on board Mistress who have taken out third place in the GFAA Highest Point Scoring Boat in Australian Waters – Tag and Release for 2007/2008.)

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