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Opal Ridge


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Well its still all happening from Linden Bank to Opal Ridge and on to Number 2 and 3 Ribbon Reef. Seems like school was out and all the fish were tailing along with the majority of fish seen being small but a few good sized girls among them. Moana III caught one estimated 800lb and jumped a smaller fish off between the Bank and the Ridge. Mistress went 4 for 4 on little guys at the Ridge – including one blue marlin – unusual in so close. And The New Allure also released a big fish at the bank before returning to port. Ultimate Lady is here and fishing although reports were a little ambiguous, managed a couple of smaller fish. At Number 2, Kianja raised a lot of small fish and saw plenty more tailing releasing two – 300 and 600lb – for the day. Capt. Steve also reported boats everywhere with lots of bites. Ningaloo went 3 from 8 bites on smaller fish as Capt. Laurie spent the day dodging other game boats. UPDATE: Since we are still at the marina (Cairns Marlin Marina is currently without power which makes is a little difficult to re-fuel), I have the opportunity to provide an update with a couple of reports that have just come in.From Pete, news that Gorilla caught two beauties at Number 1 yesterday at 850 and 900lbs. Depending on who you talk to Sparrow had an awesome day at Number 2 with ‘plenty’ including a big one. And Capt. Bill and the team on Viking are still enjoying the bank with yesterday’s fishing bringing their total to 6 for this four day trip including 4 over 850lb. The late bite is winner for the team, Sunday they were 0-0-0 at 6pm and 4-2-2 by 6:30. Yesterday, another good one at 850lb and a little guy who reeked havoc on the new paint job~!

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