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Our Day (Updated)


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After spending a few days in town hearing the reports from the fleet, it was great to get out amongst them, and even better, to be amongst the fish.Things didn’t start so well with a smaller fish that we managed to jump off twice, once on each bait. However, the next aggressive bite mid-afternoon had Kevvie on the board with a beautiful 450lb-er hooked perfectly in the corner of the jaw with an 18/O circle hook. A few more tentative bites and follows later – there are still plenty of fish on the bank – including a nice fish that wanted to check everything out but not eat, a ‘not a bad day’ suddenly got better. At 5:30pm we got another very aggressive bite from an 800lb-er that pulled the scad off and then charged in to eat the huge scaley just off the transom. 20 minutes later Dave had released his equal biggest fish. He didn’t have it easy, with a blistering 500 metre run on the strike, and some hard coaching from the gallery. Meanwhile on the other boats: Moana III started the day off on the Bank early with a 700lb-er before lunch while Capt. Tom on Ultimate Lady staked his turf on the middle of the Bank and worked it religiously producing three fish – including this big one they unfortunately lost on the wire (below left) and other they fought into the dark. Capt. Bill on Viking II released a 300lb-er early before introducing his clients to yet another big fish which Capt. Bill called well over the mark. After five big jumps on the wire and she went deep and 88lbs of drag could not stop a blistering 300meter run. The size of this fish had its tail beat hitting the end of the wind on (a video still of the absolute monster below right). On Too Easy Capt. Russ had the bites from the big fish, estimated at 700 and around the mark, but unfortunately could not convert. Meanwhile, at the bottom Ribbons, Capt. Laurie reported a quieter day with his team on Ningaloo making the most of a bite out of a good size fish to released an estimated 700lb-er.

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