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It was almost as if someone flipped the switch yesterday. After such a good day for all the boats at the Bank Wednesday, Thursday suddenly went quiet. But if the fish want a one day break, we’ll be there waiting for them today instead. With bells on! We had this guy following us for close on 10 minutes – and he came racing in, all lit up – a swatted at the bait back and forth, not really interested in eating, before eventually fading away. As you can see, the TowCam is providing us endless entertainment.Defying the shut down – a small number of boats had a good day. At Spur Reef, Hot Shot released one they put over the mark. At the Bank we saw Capt. Bill with a bit of activity and KEKOA lost one est. 500lb after 15 minutes of jumping and darting. On the Ribbons, Capt. Laurie and team on board Ningaloo released a little one and pulled the hooks on a much bigger fish. Then, on another late bite lost a big fish after an hour and a quarter’s fight. And we heard over the radio that Capt. Sharky on Mauna Kea lost a big one on the wire after a long fight. Capt. Ross and the Top Shot team showed up at the anchorage behind Opal Reel last night as well and told me they’ve seen some big fish in recent days on – including a couple of their five bites yesterday.More good news from the Gold Coast and the blue marlin fishing – Ross McCubbin caught two from four, 300 and 500lb yesterday and Craig on Grinner released another at 350lb.

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