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Hurray for the weather


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The weather has finally come good. And although the fishing turned it on a little again yesterday, it still came second to the glorious weather.On the Ribbons, word from Capt. Bill that team are still catching a fish a day, but nothing over 400lb for the last few days. The current is starting to race up there which should bring the fish in close. Capt. Bill also tells me that Capt. Brad on The New Allure got amongst two nice ones yesterday. At the top, Capt. Laurie and team Ningaloo is also still plugging away with two fish to 200lbs from three bites and relays that there are big fish being caught up there as well including one on Tuesday that Capt. Hayden boated after unfortunately losing a couple of bites to sharks – which went 1060lb. Team Viking with another 400lb-er and Capt. Luke’s blue marlin on the Pole Camera near the boat. Down the bottom Ribbons, Capt. Luke and KEKOA went wide and had a couple of bites but caught a 400lb blue marlin after coming back in to the edge and switching back to baits from lures(!) No sign of the big tuna aggregations or the hordes of big blacks that go with them. On the Bank, Adam and team Iona worked his spot for solid 900lb-er (and another great photo from Rhino) and jumped another good fish off later. Iona’s 900lb-er at Linden Bank, pic from Rhino, & the mobile bomby of trevally on Pole Cam. We fished from Jenny Louise to Euston Light for two fish at 200 and 600lbs. In the flat calm seas I spent much of the day in the tower with Capt. Jim and it was a pleasure to get some shots from above again. Nearby we saw Pirate hook up to two smaller fish later in the day and just before we were about to pull in the baits to run home a mobile bomby of trevally came up in our wake obviously being chased by something – perhaps a marlin or two – we put the TowCam Pole Camera in the water so I’ll try to put up a picture of that once I have a chance later today. We wished we could stay out because it looked good, but alas, began the run back into Cairns. We’ll be back out tomorrow. Ray’s 200lb-er and Peter’s 600lb-er at the back of Reel Chase. Look at that calm ocean! Barbara from the Cairns Bluewater GFC sent me an update from the Cummins tournament on the weekend. Although the weather wasn’t great (we noticed that too!) the fishing was pretty good with a small but enthusiastic fleet of 9 boats fishing mainly Linden Bank and Jenny Louise. Ten black marlin and one sailfish (which didn’t count for the tourn) were tagged. Three marlin over 800lbs each were unforutnately lost by anglers on Mystique, Watchdog, and Hellraiser. Russell Gray on Watchdog was so exhausted from his three hour battle with a sounding big marlin that he surrendered the rod to the deckie as he physically could not hold on any longer (many boats were fishing stand up – more points than the chair). The deckie took 20 minutes with the drag locked up before he could break the 24kg line. The champion boat was Mystique with three tags on stand-up, and their angler Terry Connolly was named champion angler. Watchdog from Port Douglas was runner-up boat with Mike Hallam runner-up angler. Congrats to all who took part!

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