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Close but no cigar!


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After a glamour day off Tuesday, Wednesday saw Ultimate Lady back on the bank with a first time angler whose previous biggest fish was a kawai (Australian samon) hooking up to an estimated 900lb-er. He was doing really well with the fish doing big jumps, boat in reverse and the boys on deck were just about to get hold of leader when…the harness broke! After that happened he was (quite understandably!) not so keen on the heavy drag….and the team fought the fish for another 20 minutes before something gave and just ended up getting back the broken leader. Capt. Tom sent me this great pic of the one that got away. Photo courtesy of NZ Fishing News.At Irene, KEKOA spent the morning popper fishing and released plenty of GTs. Later they headed back out to where they had caught the blue the previous day off Lena and had a bite as soon as they got there but no hook up. They trolled around for a bit and went back over the same spot and had a double header but neither hooked although they did give some good footage on the TowCam. The team finished the day to head into Cooktown for changeover 0 for 4. TowCam footage of two nice fish on KEKOA’s baits at Lena Reef Wednesday. —Footage of the bite (click on the link if the movie window does not appear in your browser): kekoa1.mp4 I’m not sure if this will work, but it’s worth trying – here is some mobile phone footage from Capt. Luke’s phone of the bite on TowCam. It’s pretty good though tiny, but it will give you a hint of what is to come once all the high res footage is edited.—At Number 10 Ribbon things were no different for team Ningaloo working the favourite spots and who caught several 20 kg yellowfin tuna at Heartbreak. It all looked good for black marlin fishing but only produced 2 late bites in the afternoon and unfortunately they could not managed to keep hooks in either of the fish.

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