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Back at the Bank


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The fifth test between Brazil and Australia has begun and first blood to Australia! The top three sales reps for Australia and Brazil for Agrichem along with CEO and Chairman of the Board are meeting on the reef in a five day dual on Reel Chase and New Moon. And it should be a great week – they have certainly lucked out on the weather. After a late start, we headed straight out from Cairns to fish the bottom of the Bank for one tag of a smaller fish from 4 bites – but I got some great photos in the fading light. Fishing beside us on New Moon, Capt. Kim had yet to set the baits when they had the bite on the tuna but the hooks didn’t stay. Also fishing nearby was the team on Little Audrey and Capt. Pete told me they also got a little guy on what must be said was another perfect weather day on the water. Up at Number 10, Capt. Laurie and team Ningaloo also released a 250lb-er on the late bite. At Escape Reef, team Tradition jumped off a 350lb-er at the back of the boat before keeping the hooks in another estimated at 300lbs on the 50lb pitch rod. And, I just received a late report and these great pictures from John of two fish on Shaka yesterday released for angler Phil also at the Bank with CP and then Ant on the leaders. But again the day belonged to Capt. Adam on board Iona II who after a slow day Wednesday got the bite that counted on Thursday and released this one he put at over the mark! Mobile phone shots of Iona’s beauty yesterday at the bank. The gaffs came out but in the end the team decided to release.

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