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Too Nice Still Ugly


This post was imported into WordPress from my old Black Marlin Fishing Blog website without any accompanying photos. If you’d like to see the original post, with the accompanying photographs, go to the original Black Marlin Fishing Blog site and navigate to the post using the archive navigation links on the right-hand-side.

On the bank, the two boats with all the action continued their run again Sunday. Tim on Reel Ripe releasing another two and Adam on Iona II with two as well to 450lbs – Iona II back into the anchorage nice and early to leave the rest of us in with a chance! The Australia boys fishing on New Moon got one back on the Brazilian boys with a real little one bait fishing – approx 20kgs. Of course the debate raged into the night as to whether a bait fishing marlin counts in their little comp. Regardless, the Brazilian boys still lead on countback. Today is our final day of the trip, so let’s hope the fishing makes it a real competition!Out at the Sea Mount, Capt. Dan on Moana spent a rocky night for some early action, missing two fish, including one when a wahoo ate the swivel mid-fight. On the way back in to Jenny Louise last night he had released two smaller fish. Broadbill had better luck on the way to the Sea Mount Saturday releasing two fish including an estimated 800lb-er. Another great shot from Rhino on Iona (although the camera phone is getting a bit cloudy)and the Brazilian and Aussie teams enjoy some sushi I prepared for them last night. Up on the Ribbons, Capt. Biggles on the (old) Allure boated a fish that went 880lbs on 50lb. Capt. Dean on Castille told us about his trip out to Boganville including a double header of good sized yellowfins, and catching another blue marlin back on his way back into the edge. Capt. Luke on KEKOA is still enjoying the morning sportfishing with GT’s on poppers and unfortunately losing an 80lb dog tooth that ate the popper right at the transom with the bite on video. The afternoon marlin fishing a bit slower but the team still releasing a 200lb-er and missing the bite of a much bigger fish.On the tournament front, word is that the fish have shown up in good numbers for the Caterpillar Hot Current Game Fishing Tournament currently underway in Coffs Harbour – although days two and three were called off due to high wind and seas – with 51 boats and 212 anglers taking part and a number of blues and striped marlin released Saturday. Here’s hoping the weather gives them a break for the final days.

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