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Weather Turns


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Those reading at home will be happy to hear that Australia snuck from behind to take out the Agrichem AUS vs BRA Challenge that we had on board the two boats when the Aus team on Reel Chase released another overexcited (taking the big bait) 250lb-er for Paul with just a couple of hours left on the clock. There were celebrations over great food including the coral trout that the boys on New Moon had caught especially at Cafe China last night.Also at the bank, Shaka released another first marlin for angler Craig in the suddenly freshening conditions. It was only Day one of the trip and so hopefully there are many more where that one came from. Paul fights on board Reel Chase and Craig’s marlin on board Shaka (photo from John) At the top, KEKOA released another smaller one from 4 bites – all of smaller fish. Ningaloo also lost one in the same size bracket at the back of the boat. We’re all still waiting for the big girls to show their faces again. Moana fished the Light for three bites including one from a bigger fish but I did not hear that the hooks stayed in any. Sam sent me a couple of video links – this one and this other one being from the season he spent on board Assegai with Capt. Luke. Thanks Sam – I’ll get those up on the video page soon. Lastly a quick shout out to Jamie and Josh. We first met Jamie when he fished with us on board Reel Chase at Port Stephens in Feb 07 and he proved himself to be both a very capable and very enthusiastic fisherman (here he is with his lucky stripey). He is also a very capable and very enthusiastic videographer. Luke and I ran into Jamie and Josh again early this year when we went Murray cod fishing at Jimargie in northern NSW where they were putting the final touches on their gorge fishing DVD which has just been released. And so if you are into that type of fishing, when you’re not marlin fishing of course, I encourage you to check it out.

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