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The Big Finale


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They are coming back. After a couple of days in town it was good to return to the Bank and actually find some fish. Capt. Jim nearly fell out of his tuna tower when a big black shape materialized behind the scaley before lunch. Unfortunately a big hit and miss was the result. But mid-afternoon we managed to catch another small one and raise another medium size. Other boats fishing the Bank reported a number of bites, Viking got another one, Mistress raised a 600 lb-er early, but pulled the hook and capitalized on a later 5pm bite when a nice black crashed the fresh scaley bait – and TowCam’s John Faulkner caught the biggest black of his life, a nice 800 lb fish, in about 10 minutes.  John tells me that he didn’t get any TowCam/Pole Cam footage because he was in the chair but I say he wasn’t trying hard enough ;-) We got some more great footage yesterday ourselves (below). Little Audrey fished wide for a 150lb blue and fished back into the bank to pull off a nice 750lb black still 50 miles to the east. Ultimate Lady fished the Ribbons – which seemed fairly quiet in both reports and releases compared to the south – for another little guy at 150lbs. At St. Crispins, Capt. Bat (Scott) had a number of bites including success on one about 750lb. And, at Jenny Louise the big news – Capt. Luke and team KEKOA pulled some more little fish going two from three while nearby Capt. Kim on New Moon scored the big girl, possibly the catch of the year, for his day trip anglers. Pulled into the boat, she went 1324lbs when weighed in port in the afternoon. Congrats on an awesome fish!

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