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Sorry to be so slow with the update but things have been busy back here in Cairns. We’ve been watching footage (Kim’s fish) and stocking up again for another week on the water.Sunday, we fished the bank for some better weather once again – which looks to continue through the week – but not as much action on the baits. Shaka found another of the little boys who are marking the spot for the big girls to come to. It was angler David’s first marlin and John sent me another action pic (left). At Jenny, New Moon returned to the spot of their big fish the day before for another one at 600lb. KEKOA also added another one to their tally nearby.Most of the boats fishing up north have now made their way to the Bank and with the weather looking glamour for at least the next few days, a few are also venturing out wide to the Sea Mount (and out of phone range..) There was good news from Talina from fishing at Myrmidon on the weekend. They raised 6 and had bites out of 5 successfully releasing 300lb-er on 24kg standup before hooking another larger fish Saturday afternoon around the 500lb mark. Unfortunately after a 4 hour fight into darkness and being dragged out into the ocean they ended up busting him off. A great effort in a 6.4m tinnie no less!

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