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Sea Mount is going off!


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Word from Capt. Luke on KEKOA on the sat phone last night is that the Sea Mount is going off. Four boats out there are all getting a piece of the action.Capt. Brad Craft on the New Allure released two fish both he called over the mark. Basher on Hard to Swallow releasing one over the mark as well and Sparrow on Square Bear with 4 over the 700lb mark from 9 bites. Capt. Luke and team arrived early afternoon after jumping a smaller one off on the way and were hooked up to a monster within an hour. They fought the beast well into the dark for over 7 hours finally breaking the leader at 9pm. Heartbreaking stuff! Capt. Luke tells me they did get some good video of the fish early in the fight so hopefully we can share that soon.Other reports just starting to filter in. I’ll update as I get them in.Capt. Dean on Castille travelled from Number 7 Ribbon Reef to Number 4 without coming across another boat but they also found a big fish releasing this 900lb-er for Mark. We’re going out for a look-see today and hoping we’re not a day too late. No internet range out there though so if I get the chance I will try to get word through the comments section on the right.

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