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Sea Mount Day 2


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Well, the vicinity of the Sea Mount is definitely going off – if your name is Sparrow that is. We watched the Square Bear team catch 5 fish, including one blue and a black over the mark (left photo). Hard To Swallow also recording bites from big fish releasing at least one more as did The New Allure. The rest of the boats who joined the group Tuesday, mostly watching rather than experiencing, having to be content with some good size yellowfin tuna or an encounter with the whale shark. Mauna Kea had a bit of action on the way out to join the group, jumping off a blue and getting a bite from another. On Wednesday morning the group had swelled but most headed north to another aggregation of marlin reported by the long liners, while we headed back to the edge for a good night’s sleep.Right photo is a (little grainy) still from video of Capt. Luke’s monster from Monday.On the Bank, Shaka ever consistent, released another two fish. Also had a report from Brett on Watchdog of their recent trip out from Port Douglas. They headed wide for an early 6:30am bite from a nice blue just in the 400lb range. The client was still a sleep so deckie Damon jumped in the chair and reeled it in! But he didn’t miss out when an hour later they hooked a monster around the mark and was safely released her after an hours fight. Tuesday the team went wide again missing another good size black and another blue and later releasing another blue around 200. All up finished up with 6 from 11 – not a bad few days fishing!

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