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The long liners report good concentrations of marlin for 30 mile along the 147 degree east line. Unfortunately, 30 miles is a lot of ground to cover! Boats opting to head north, including Calypso, Mauna Kea, Ultimate Lady , Viking II, Gorilla searched without results (yet) excepting Mauna Kea who released a black on the way and Gorilla who reported blue marlin in the morning. By late afternoon when we lost radio contact, most had headed back to the original position – where Top Shot and Hard to Swallow had opted to stay and work it – or back to the reef like us for a good night’s sleep. On Reel Chase, we had a bite out of a small blue there before we headed back to the edge where we went one from two black marlin and I got some more great shots of the fish on the leader jumping at the back of the boat. The New Allure caught one about 700lb at Jenny Louise and New Moon fished the same area for just the one bite.Capt. Dean Beech on Castille also released a 300lb-er at Flattery Plateau off Number 9 Ribbon Reef and had another bite and watched Hot Shot tussle with an estimated 800lb-er nearby before unfortunately breaking her off.

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