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Big Girls Still Here


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Capt. Luke sent me some mobile phone video slo-mo of the fish on the leader the other day. It’s great to watch even in this poor quality so I can’t wait to edit the full quality version at the end of the season. You can take a look at the mini version here (–> kekoa_marlin.mp4 ) Information has been sketchy from the boats still out fishing the areas to the north and south of the Sea Mount – out of phone and internet range – but some reports filtering through here and there. On the Mount, Ultimate Lady released one at 500lbs and In A Meeting released another, a solid fish estimated at 950lb. To the south, Top Shot released a smaller fish early yesterday and had the bite from the big girl the day before and reported comfortable nights on the drift courtesy of the sea anchor. No reports through from there in the afternoon due to the lack of communications. Further south again, Moana released one at 700lb from our spot the day before. We’ll work it again today after another nice calm night on anchor at Noggin Reef, with both Capt. Dan and team Moana and Capt. Kim and team Flying Fish for company.Working his spot again on the Flattery Plateau off Number 9 Ribbon Capt. Dean on Castille released two from three and unfortunately losing the battle with the bigger fish est. at 900lb+.

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