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Out Wide


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A few boats are still venturing out wide looking for the tuna and therefore marlin aggregations and the talk on the radio still sounded pretty positive. Haydon on Release released two at 300 and 600lbs and In A Meeting was getting the bites again as well. Moana also ventured out wide for a couple of big yellowfin and a marlin bite. We had a 500lb-er dive bomb into the spread with speed but took off again just as quick. Capt. Kim trolled up the inside of the green zone to Jenny Louise and raised two sailfish before ending up at the Light where they successfully released the bigger half of a double header (900lb), while the smaller fell off (400lb). At the Bank, Shaka released another for angler Matthew at 350lbs (photo of this one from John) and Little Audrey released another little guy and got a bite out of another. Up the Ribbons – we could hear all the way to Number 5 on channel 10 with the north-west winds – Capt. Bobby Jones on Fascination IV also released a small guy.Several boats were in port last night catching up – no doubt some sore heads this morning!Also word from Adam on Iona II heading home to Newcastle of some more good blue marlin fishing down south. Putting the lures in near Cape Byron having 5 bites, releasing two and losing another in the 500lb range in just a couple of hours fishing.Further reports from TGFC members fishing south near Pith Reef having six bites from black marlin on Thursday in his trailer boats indicating that with the northerly winds and strong currents a large body of fish are holed up in that Palm passage basin.

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