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Little Update


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An early update this morning courtesy of Capt. Pete on Little Audrey who called me on the sat phone to give me the details, and then called back less than five minutes later after they had added another fish to their tally! I’m on the road today heading south.

From the group out wide, Tradition added a blue to the one already released by Top Shot and Moana III added a blue to their striped marlin release – last seen looking for a black (which should be the easy one considering where they are fishing) to complete the slam. Little Audrey released two from three to 350lb and missed the bigger fish in the 700lb range. They now join the list of boats heading south, trolling overnight to Myrmidon Reef which has been a hive of activity for the TGFC of late. I’m very interested to hear how they fare out there.

Speaking of south, more blue marlin news from down south to report. David Granville told me that Cabolito was christened Tuesday on its first day marlin fishing with two blues at the Cape (Moreton) at 350 and 400lb. The blue marlin reports just don’t stop. As Ross says, I think there will be a few boat who’ll be trolling the marlin lures all the way south this year!

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