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So Little Rossi sounds like Little Audrey…!

Now that we’ve managed a telephone conversation without getting cut off, Capt. Jim has clarified for me that it was in fact Capt. Ross on Top Shot who hooked up on the big fish on dark at 6:30pm last night but I’m sorry to also report that after a couple of hours they lost the fish. But as a small consolation, he did catch a smaller blue marlin this morning. Capt. Bobby Jones on Fascination IV ‘expressed’ (the Express 48 – hee hee) into the area this morning, putting his baits in the water in the middle of the fleet and promptly hooked up (and released) a big one while all looked on. And Capt. Dan on Moana III also this morning released a 150lb striped marlin.

Yesterday, not much action on the bank as most boats moved out to the tuna congregation, some traveling through the night to get there. Capt. Jim has arrived in Townsville on his journey south but hopefully we’ll still be hearing from the remaining fleet in Cairns with some updates.

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