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Have some humidity with that!


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We suffered through another gorgeous (flat) day on the water yesterday. Early in the day there was nary a breath of wind to be had and the humidity clung to you (and your sunglasses) on deck. You don’t need a better reason to hit the water for a swim. I took this picture this morning (below left) at sunrise at Norman Reef of one of the dive boats that is tied up here with us. Judging by the water in this shot, I’d say we’re in for another day of the same.The return to calm has sparked some more talk on the radio about the spot out wide with the tuna aggregation. Square Bear ran past us on the edge at one stage on their way out there and at last report, had been rewarded with a bite out of a fish in the 900lb range but no hookup. On Reel Chase we didn’t have to go that far. We got a nice bite on the big bait about 30 minutes after putting the baits went in the water at Spur Reef and Craig was onto his very first marlin (below right), a beauty at 700lb, which gave in after a short tussle and was released after some more good action was recorded with the TowCam and pole camera. Sunrise at Norman Reef and Craig’s 700lb-er on board Reel Chase Sunday. Catching up on some news I missed previously, Mistress has been fishing the Yorkey’s Knob tournament on the weekend and started out with an early fish Saturday to be in the running. There were a number of small boats out on the bank yesterday taking advantage of the glamourous weather to fish the comp. We saw a (very) small boat hook up near to us on a big (very – about 900lb) fish – on the bait rod – unfortunately I think I heard that he was spooled in a very short period of time. Another boat fishing the competition reported releasing one in the 900lb range.John on Shaka also told me a story about Andrew Yeh (Yehah) on Outside Edge on the Bank Saturday. After a week without a fish, on their last day before heading home, at the death just before pulling the baits in, got the bite out of the big one releasing one over the mark – there is a god! More greats news about blues at Coffs Harbour: I got a message from Steve fishing on Saturday who raised 6, got 5 bites and tagged two at 300 and 400lbs. It sounds like a hot spot right now! Wouldn’t you like to be there..!With a week of calm weather to come and the bite shutting down on the edge, most of the boats will be heading wide to the tuna aggregation and the sea mount and although reports will be hard to come by, the season may still end with a flurry of big fish! UPDATE: Congrats to the team on Mistress who took out the Yorkey’s Knob tournament on the weekend with First Fish, Campion Angler and Champion Boat!

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