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Blacks Big and Small


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Up at Cairns, Capt. Laurie and the team on Ningaloo capped off another great marlin season on the reef with a black marlin for angler John on the final day of their trip and season on Linden Bank. Capt. Tom and Ultimate Lady have also returned to the edge after their extended sojourn out wide. Wednesday the team got a small blue about the 150lb mark on a lure and later battled a 950lb black for three hours before she broke the line, winning her freedom. Off Townsville, Capt. Luke and the team on KEKOA had some great popper fishing on the outer reefs releasing some good sized GT’s and yellowfin tunas as they fished their way into town. Luke also heard from the guys on board the original Phantom (Blackwatch) fishing nearby who went one from three black marlin. And Capt. Dan also told me that the Ultimate had some action out there as they fished their way through heading for Yeppoon this weekend.Down on the Sunny Coast (Mooloolaba) the juvie blacks have also arrived. Smithy (Capt. Rob) on Triton IV tells me that it’s been red hot for the last week on the 50m line and a bit further out with most club boats getting one a day at least and seeing in the 3-8 range. Smithy also tells me that the best conversion he’s heard of over the last week was on Scott Trafford’s 36 Blackwatch who tagged 3 blacks and a sail last week. In the past three days on the water, Triton tagged 5 and saw a number more. Sounds like it’s time to get out there! Triton’s fish come out of the water for a quick pic before being released on the Sunshine Coast, Thursday The little blacks aren’t too far away from the Gold Coast either. Capt. Jim says that soon as the warm blue water (still Cape Moreton north) pushes down the coast towards the Gold Coast Seaway – probably in the next two weeks – the little blacks will come with it. There are already a huge schools of bait stretching from Jumping Pin north to Point Lookout. Once the little blacks find these bait schools we’ll be catching a few a day down here too. Can’t wait!

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