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Finally we get out


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There were a good number of the boats who hadn’t been out in over a week who took advantage of the easing of the weather yesterday. And for once the conditions were better than than predicted – especially for us out wide – although the boats who fished in close reported sloppier conditions with the current running south and the solid ground swell. Today, we may even get sunshine. On KEKOA, we went out to the car park, and although we returned fish-less, we’re happy to report that the bait has shown up and the current has disappeared. 22 and a half degree water, more suited to the striped marlin than the 27 degree and raging south current of late. We did see a tailer, but couldn’t get a bait in front of it. Capt. Bill took Viking to the north for a look-y and had exactly the same result as us throwing a bait at a tailer that didn’t bite as well. Freedom and Broadbill fished the Gibber, reporting plenty of bait as well but no result. The only fish we heard from the day was a trailer boat fishing inshore off Cabbage Tree Island releasing a small black.With conditions now favourable, we can only hope that the fish will show up. A lot of boats will be fishing their way up and down the coast to the Port today and tomorrow in prep for the tournament on the weekend. We’ll keep you posted on any news.

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