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The dolphin feast


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Thursday – The sun came out and the wind went away and the bait showed up in plague proportions. We also managed a couple of striped marlin bites and to see a few more. It seems as though the fish are starting to move into the area with the conditions perfect. The dolphins however, were the ones capitalizing on the bait yesterday. They had them all balled up and the feast was on. We had balls of bait hiding from dolphins under KEKOA. Who needs a dredge teaser? We had a fully live version swimming along under the boat.Many of the other boats also reported bites although no-one managed to catch one that we know of. The good thing about stripies is that they can show up overnight – and we’re hoping that they do. We have a day of rest and re-supply today and out for the tournament tomorrow.Caption: A stripey bite on the live bait behind the teaser and one of the bait balls hiding in the shadow of the boat.

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