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Townsville Tournament Updates


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Day 1 and 2 delivered some of the best weather we have ever experienced during the Townsville Tournament. Unfortunately, the fishing has failed to keep up its side of the bargain. On Day 1, Utopia tagged the first fish, a black marlin just after 2pm – right on the low tide. Within minutes, this was followed by blacks for both Bad Company and Sea Baby IV. And that was it for Day 1 (although on Reel Chase we had hopes of joining the few with fish until we jumped off our black shortly after.)Day 2 saw an increase in the number of fish tagged, as we move further away from the full moon – by my count 14 in total for the day with the first marlin of the day going to Mates Rates and the first sailfish of the tournament not long after to Oi Bud all before the first sked at 11am this time. Oi Bud followed up soon after with a black marlin to put them in the lead in the under 8m section with two tags and Sea Baby tagged their second black marlin to put them in the lead in the Over 8m section. Lining up for the shotgun start and Mojo on their black marlin on Day 2. With the bait being a lot more consistent throughout the whole day today, the fishing, although still slow, was spread out over the whole day. This pattern should continue over the next couple of days.Correcting my Twitter, Bad company is still on one fish due to calling their accumulated tags at the skeds. And apologies for the delayed updates as we had no internet service overnight. Apparently we have some antennas to sort out before the heavy tackle season starts!

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