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Townsville Day 3


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Day3 = slow. Northerly trumps the full moon.Castille III had lady luck on their side yesterday with the only fish of the tournament on Day 3 – a sailfish for angler Eddie Shi. Enjoying a raft-up with the team on KEKOA last night, we benefited from a POB history lesson. Peter perhaps the only to have fished all 27 Townsville Tournaments, and with one day’s fishing to go, this may be his first without him turning a reel. Capt. Jim suggests the lack of juvenile black marlin seems do with the lack of baby marlin from last year’s spawning as the number of returned fish (2+ years old) seems to be consistent with previous years. (The fish we lost was in this larger category). Also, the percentage of sailfish in the catch is touching on 50% which it hasn’t done for a long, long time.As always, there has been a number of the larger ‘reef marlin’ seen during the tournament although 6kg is a hard task, including the est. 300lb-er the boys on Reel Ripe fought at Rib Reef yesterday for over 1.5 hours and hampered by gearbox problems (no reverse).

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