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A little heavy, a little light


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I don’t have much to report from the weekend so I’ll keep it short (please keep an eye on the Twitter feed between posts):

Innisfail Light Tackle Billfish Comp report from Capt. Tim Ryan – fishing still slow as with Townsville. At the end of Day 2, only 3 billfish tags reported (I believe two sails and one marlin). Fishing finishes today. Castille III has been out exploring post-Townsville tournament, getting Steph her first sail from a large pod on Friday (her first after 9 years trying – congrats!) but spent much of the bad weather for the rest of the weekend sheltered on the reef.

Capt. Ross on Top Shot finshed his first heavy tackle trip of the season yesterday and reports that the Bank is loaded with bait, scad, runners, skipjacks and yellowfin — looking all set to fire. On Saturday they went one from three smaller fish (to 200lb) in the rough conditions.

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