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Cairns At Last


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Having finished our last day light tackle fishing in Townsville now, we leave in the morning to bait fish our way to Cairns and if you’ve been watching the Twitter Feed, you’ll know that things are just starting to heat up. Adam has steered Iona2 back to his regular 2008 haunt, the Bus Stop on Linden Bank. Thursday they released their first heavy tackle fish of the season, a nice (!) start at 650lbs (left). Adam also reports they pulled the baits from another bigger fish, had another one up and came across a tail-er later in the day as well. Certainly sounds promising. Reports also from the long-liners who are fishing east of the marine park in the Coral Sea where shows a pool of red hot water already around 27 degrees centigrade. Its no surprise then that as with most of Australia’s East Coast this year, they are already kicking goals with yellowfin and big eye tuna. With the full moon due on October 4th, there’s a good chance this year’s season could start as last year’s ended with big packs of marlin hunting the feeding tuna aggregation on the eastern edge of the marine park wide of Cairns. —The last light tackle comp of the northern season at Hinchinbrook is underway with 7 tags on Day 1. The tournament ends Sunday so the entire fleet should be in residence in the Marlin Marina in Cairns by Tuesday when we arrive.

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