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Baitfishing North UPDATED


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OB26 ventured out with the family and dog in tow for a day on the water wide of Magnetic Island for a mackerel fish yesterday and came up with a sailfish instead – their first sailfish on board. We should have been fishing that close for the Townsville Tournament! We are out bait fishing for the next couple of days with limited telephone and internet access and so Hinchinbrook results are a little sketchy. 12 boats finished with 1 fish each (2 fish on the final day) and so the winning boat is victorious on a count-back with their fish being the first released on Day 1 being Plan B followed by Moonshine.Last night we shared our reef anchorage with KEKOA and Calypso; with Castille III passing us earlier in the day. Today the remaining fleet who fished Hinchinbrook will also be making their way back up to Cairns and so the scad between here and Cairns should be very scared. Bait fishing aside, the sportfishing has been particularly good this year. Spanish mackerel and giant trevally, hard to avoid and quite a bit of fun along with yellowfin tuna and a few trout for the dinner plate.

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