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Early season reports


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A report from Corey and Shane on board the brand new 55ft Assegai Askari who have begun their season off Cairns. Over the last couple of days they’ve seen 8, had two bites and christened the new boat with its first black marlin at 350lbs. Kalira, the new 50ft Maritimo, ran back to Cairns from the Hinchinbrook comp and released a 400lb-er on the edge before heading in. It seems there are a few more boats heading out now and all reports are good!Back to the south approaching Cairns, some of us were hard at work bait fishing (and having some big wins there) while the boys on KEKOA got a little distracted and decided to catch a marlin instead. Trolling a couple of teasers around as a change of pace they switched two blacks, jumped one off and released the other with Dingo on the rod for a change. Meanwhile, the weather has been fantastic. Photo: After a hard days bait fishing, Dave relaxes with a beer on deck and another beautiful sunset over the horizon.

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