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Cairns Aggregation (Updated)


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We caught up to Capt. Dean Beech on Castille III as we hit the final reef for a bait fish on the way to Cairns as he was in the middle of catching a sailfish on a laser pro. So Capt. Luke on KEKOA decided to mosey on over and raised another straight away on the teaser, pitched a garfish to it, and the result being Number 2 Dean’s first sail.On the reef, Capt. Tim Ryan reports from Reel Ripe going 1 from 2 yesterday for Melbourne angler Michael White estimated at 450lbs. The team also had a marlin eat a striped tuna they had on the bait rod but jumped it off. Kianja is also venturing north up the ribbons and yesterday released their first black of the season at Lena Reef estimated at 400lbs. Shaka is heading out today. Allure and Tradition head out tomorrow. Most of the fleet is now in Cairns (and crews decided to hit the new Salt House bar/restaurant at the Marlin Marina last night for a big catch up. There are some very sore heads wandering around this morning!)Left: Photo from Dingo of Dean in action on KEKOA. Right: Pat’s sail on board Castille III.

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