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Number 3 Ribbon


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Brendan’s fish est 800lbs on the leader on KEKOA – stills from the video footage. KEKOA went two from four yesterday at Number 3 Ribbon estimated at 200 and 800lbs.After 4 days on strike, Stuey was a happy man about 4pm yesterday. Two earlier bites Tuesday had already come unstuck but finally he was onto his first black marlin of the trip which was released after a short fight, estimated at 200lb. As it turns out, Brendan’s stint on strike was a fair bit shorter. Just before 5pm, Capt. Luke came across a nice school of yellowfin and worked the area. Then came the bite on the stinger and Brendan (“Big fish Brendan”) was on. The 800lb-er did some nice jumps on the leader and was released in good condition in less than 15 minutes. Capt. Luke reports that the new Accurate Reels went really well!At the Bank, Capt. Tim on Tradition pulled the hooks on a smaller fish after 20 minutes. And further south, Capt. Dan on Moana III reports that it looks real good around Jenny Louise – just waiting for the big fish to show – as the long liners confirm the bigger marlin are just starting to show up wide of Cruiser Pass with the tuna and whale sharks already aggregating.I’ve also heard reports of a few more fish at Number 10 Ribbon. I’ll update as more reports come in.

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