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More Big Girls Showing Up


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Capt. Darren returned to the Cairns Marlin Marina last night after a 7 day trip. Starting and ending in Cairns, he steered Allure up to the middle Ribbons and back, recording 15 bites and 6 conversions including an estimated 900lb-er at Number 5 Ribbon Reef on Sunday. The remaining fish were in the 150-400lb range.

A few more bigger fish have been seen which is good news for the season shaping up. Capt. Brian Felton on Watchdog had a bite out of a 700lb-er at Linden Bank yesterday before running back into Port Douglas. Owner Brett tells me they also missed another bigger fish (800lb) and successfully released a smaller one at 250lbs, going one from five in two days fishing. Hard to Swallow arrived in Cairns yesterday after their trip up the coast and raised a few good fish off Myrmidon Reef which is good news for those fishing the Billfish Bonanza this weekend.

Tradition fished north from Escape to Number 3 Ribbon and pulled the bait off a 400lb-er at the top of Number 2. KEKOA was fishing in the opposite direction, south from Number 3 and trolling lures off St. Crispins had a double header off good sized yellowfin, missing a bite from a smaller black immediately after the baits went back in.

A few more familiar faces are arriving on the scene. Little Audrey has arrived and is fishing. Peter B. (Wright) and the boys on Sea Baby IV are all set to head out to start their season on the weekend. And on Reel Chase we have also finished packing away the stores and are heading out to join the southern fleet tomorrow. Also in the Marlin Marina, Bob Lowe, president of the Lizard Island Gamefishing Club and his 44 Mariner Rebel which will be heading up to Lizard Island later in the month for the Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic.

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