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The Bank Fires: the big report!


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In good weather, the bank can be an awesome place to fish. It is just 35 miles from Cairns and even if you’re on a day trip or overnighter, a popular destination. And, if you’re not catching yourself, you can alway enjoy the view of what is going on next door.John on Shaka sent me this pic during a lull during the day of a trailer boat hooked up on a giant black marlin, estimated at about 650lb, Linden Bank style. Unfortunately, not long after, the fish was lost and John took a moment to sit down at his email and send me this pic. No sooner had he hit the send button than Capt. Jared pointed Shaka to one of their own, hitting paydirt for angler Dave Tuthill on his first ever black marlin. Picture of Ant on the leader with the big girl, estimated at 950lbs. The fish was released in great shape after a 35 minute fight.Also on the Bank, Capt. Luke on KEKOA reported a massive bite on the stinger out of a fish he estimated at 700lbs, unfortunately they pulled the hooks soon after. It wasn’t any consolation to see the Capt. Tiger hook up next to him soon after and release one they called 800lb. Askari finished their reef fishing trip Thursday bagging out on coral trout and red emperor, and the guys were glad to head out to the Bank for some marlin fishing Friday, raising three and pulling the hooks on one after 5 minutes. News also from Shane that The Force is in town with new owners Doug and Deb from Port Stephens and it has not forgotten how to raise fish going one from one est. at 300lbs on their first day on the Bank. Heading up the reef yesterday, it was quieter near the middle, we ended up at Number 3 Ribbon. Nathan did it again during the mornings sport fishing-fest landing the largest spanish mackerel we’ve seen in a long time as well as the full compliment of smaller spanish, northern bluefin tuna, coral trout etc. We came across Sunshine Coast boat Kaizen who joined us fishing at Number 3. Kaizen released smaller fish the day before at St. Crispins on their way up. We’ll be heading back that way today as we return to Cairns on Monday.Back up at the top of Number 10 Ribbon, Capt. Dean on Castille saw 8 marlin (mainly tailers) converting one, a 300lb-er for Katie, which indicates a number of fish are moving into the northern area. Nearby, Capt. Tim on Tradition has welcomed back Lydie and Pete, all the way from China. Lydie is chasing the 50lb women’s world record (needing 880lbs or better). Saturday, they had two bites and fought a 500lb-er into the dark, getting the fish up close a couple of times but losing it when it went straight down and popped the line.On the reef overnight, its been extremely calm again. As Capt. Luke said, we’re all doing donuts on the anchor because theres no wind to keep up pointed one way or another.

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