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Coming with the weather


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More reports of fish tailing through the Bank and up the Ribbons with the big seas yesterday. Capt. Luke on KEKOA definitely having a close look, raising 8 with bites from three that fell off and seeing a few more tailers. Capt. Tim Dean on Calypso also reporting that it looks great with fish moving (tailing) all along. Capt. Tim saw 8 and got bites from 3 and released two. One estimated at 800lbs and angler Peter Collins first Cairns black marlin, as well as another 300lb-er. Capt. Jared on Shaka also reports seeing Spartacus fighting another on 50lb into the dark before unfortunately breaking it off.Further up the reef – At Lena, Capt. Corey on Askari recorded the first big fish for the new boat releasing a 900lb-er and having bites out of some other smaller fish. On Allure Capt. Darren also saw good numbers of fish between Number 3 and 4 Ribbons releasing four for the day. Capt. Tim on Tradition finished their trip with Lydie and Pete dropping two on the final day. Lydie will try again for the record next year! And Capt. Dean on Castille missed a 500lb-er at Number 4.Could be the start of another hot bite!

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