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Chinese Whispers: Grander Edition


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The reef grapevine was alive last night after Capt. Peter B reported the first confirmed Grander+ release of the 2009 season just after 6pm at Number 10 Ribbon Reef. This is topping off a great two days for Peter and his team on Sea Baby IV. Saturday, they also released three estimated at 900, 800 and 400lb. Capt. Darren on the Allure was the first to bring me the news upon his return to Cooktown for changeover last night. Darren also gave me more details about his own four fish from Saturday, one at 800lb and three smaller fish. Unfortunately none on Sunday. The fishing seems to be good for one boat one day and for another the next, good at Lena Saturday and Number 10 Ribbon on Sunday.At Number 7 Ribbon, Capt. Dean on Castille III had a good start to the day with a fish straight off the bat but quiet for the rest of the day. At Number 2 Capt. Luke on KEKOA went one from four estimated at 300lbs and sent me this pic of one of the bites on the underwater TowCam. At Opal Ridge Capt. Tim on Reel Ripe released a 250lb-er for Canberra-based angler John Meads and reported a couple of more bites.And down at the Bank, Capt. Dan on Moana III finally had the bite from the big fish on the live yellowfin bait only to have the wire break shortly after. Turning around the team did manage to release a good fish after estimated at 650lb. Nearby Kalira went two from two, 150 and 350lb.Capt. Tim on Tradition saw a couple caught on boats at the top of Number 2 Ribbon as his team started a new trip after changeover. He’d like to mention he has the Lizard Island dates available – Oct 24-31 if anyone wants to fish.

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