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Returning to the Reef


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Reports from the top end yesterday with Capt. Tim on Tradition releasing one about 550lbs at the top of Number 10 and Allure and the Island Boat also releasing fish. Capt. Dan on Moana has gone for a wander out to the Sea Mount taking advantage of the once again of the glorious weather to get out wide reporting bites from two big fish on the way. Ben (Notso) who will be joining us again on the reef a little later in the season has also sent me some news from some of his bluewater fishing over Weipa way. In two days he’s seen 3 sails and a 250lb black. One of sails was only 5 kg or so and only about a metre long! He caught this one (pic) on a skipping bonito, got bites from others casting soft plastics to free feeding fish. They caught a barra about an hour and a 1/4 hours after the sail. I bet not too many people have done that!We’ll be seeking out some of the same when we’re over there next year.

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