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Grander Candy (Updated)


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Reel Chase’s first grander of the 2009 season yesterday and a video still of the grander candy being zeroed in on. With the calm conditions, there were a lot of boats at Linden Bank and not much action especially on the tuna front. Around 4pm a school of yellowfin popped up in front of the Reel Chase and we managed to get out feather in front of them and pick up a jellybean sized yellowfin. No sooner had we got him in the water, we started adjusting the camera and yells from in front of the TV indicated a marlin was zeroing in on him straight away. Along side us the boys on Reel Ripe also got a first hand view as the marlin took four goes to catch the tuna. It was a very tough hour long fight for racing car identity and TowCam principal John Faulkner, hauling it up and onto the leader three times (from where she was very comfortable on pole cam view sitting down beneath the boat.) We have some good tow cam and pole cam footage and photos to sort through for later.Also on the Bank, Iceman released a smaller fish as did Dealne with Capt. Tiger. Capt. Dan on Moana III was on his way back in from the sea mount and mid-conversation on the radio when we heard his crew shout the bite. They released one about 300lb at Jenny Louise just on dark.I also heard from Capt. Ross on Top Shot running in on changeover yesterday who is reporting good fishing with one or two a day, mostly mid-range fish. In the last few days he’s released a 400lb-er and 450lb-er at Number 10. Also at Number 10 yesterday, private boat Hattitude released a little one and both Tradition and KEKOA marking good fish but not keeping the hooks in. And a report from Joe Joe fishing at the top of hicks on Monday seeing 7 fish, hooking 5 and releasing – one at 200lb and one at 900lb. Capt. Barry also reports they caught a 130lb dog tooth tuna on a skipping spanish mackerel!Myrmidon Reef, Townsville Video stills from the boys on OB26 in the surrounds of Myrmidon Reef on Tuesday – thanks Mat for the pics. More from what is shaping up to be a good heavy tackle season down Townsville way as well. On Tuesday the O’Brien Boats team christened Leigh’s custom OB26 with its first big fish releasing a 500lb-er for Pete. Arriving at Myrmidon Monday, the boys were up and fishing by 7am Tuesday and got the bite around 10:30am. The boys also missed a smaller fish about 200lb later in the day. A few more boats are taking advantage of the good weather to head out today.

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