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Big fish making their presence known


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There are still a few big fish making their presence known daily up and down the reef. On Friday, the action was again at Number 10 Ribbon Reef where Capt. Tim Dean on Calypso, fishing on the ‘Marks’, released a fish he called 950lb++. (Number 10 Ribbon Reef is 18 mile long and in pre GPS days the ‘Marks’ was identified by lining up High Island and the Direction Islands, hence its name.) I’m expecting some photos from Tim soon. Also fishing at 10 Capt. Jared on Shaka released this fish for John at 350lb and Capt. Tim Richardson on Tradition released a fish for anger Dan on his 60th birthday. At Number 8, Capt. Dean on Castille III released one estimated at 400lbs. (And to top it off Capt. Tim on Calypso just released a sailfish this morning before breakfast as well!)

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