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Underwater on Saturday


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A dogtooth approaches TowCam and a black marlin lit up before taking the scad. Capt. Tim Ryan on Reel Ripe reports that dedication from his Japanese angler Hiroshi Ogawa, who brought his own tackle and lures to the reef, paid off yesterday with a 450lb-er off Escape Reef. Also down that way, Cool Runnings follow up on a quieter Friday to also release a 450lb-er for their angler.Off Number 7 Ribbon Reef we came across Watchdog on Saturday. Brett tells me they caught a real nice dog tooth tuna and a 600lb black marlin wide of Number 9 Ribbon Friday. We also heard from Askari who released a small fish (350lb) on a lure off Number 8 Friday and fished the bottom of Number 10 yesterday pulling the hooks on a 800lb-er after a few minutes. We’re in Cooktown today.

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