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There she blows (yet more updates & pictures)


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After weeks of perfect weather, it was only a matter of when it would blow and that day came Sunday. With winds reaching 25 knots, the fish have been blown right onto the edge. Capt. Luke on KEKOA told me its been quite a few years since he’s seen so many fish in the one day – he saw in the range of 20 fish, mostly tailing in the rough seas. Capt. Luke raised 4, had three bites and released two at 250 and 350lbs. Calypso also ended the day at Number 5 Ribbon and went 2 from 4 including another big fish Capt. Tim Dean estimated at 900lbs. Rough weather but good fishing!Capt. Tim Richardson on Tradition saw 4 fish and fought this one to the boat where she was spooked by a smaller fish and pulled the hooks. Also making their way in the same direction down from Number 10, Askari spent the morning loading up on baits for the upcoming Lizard Island tournament and also released two in the afternoon at 300 and 350lbs. The other big fish for the day went to Capt. Tim Ryan on Reel Ripe who released an estimated 900lb-er for Japanese angler Hiroshi Ogawa at Number 2 Ribbon Reef. Capt. Tim tells me they had three bites and jumped off the other two. The big fish was caught on a queenie which angler Hiroshi had caught earlier in the day on one of his home made lures – a pearl shell with skirt attached! Anchoring at South Opal last night Cool Runnings recorded a 500lb-er Sunday with Capt. Troy seeing two others that wouldn’t take the bait. Meanwhile Wild Turkey took out the Cairns BlueWater tournament with the only competition fish of the weekend estimated at 500lbs. Crewman Jay Edwards tells me that trailer boat Spread Em fought a 600lb-er for an hour on stand-up 80 before the line parted while Capt. Maris Naish steered his accountant to another Cairns black just before wrapping up on Sunday at Spur Reef on board Halcion 5.More updates from last week Pictures of two fish on Iona II with Capt. Trent now at the wheel from Saturday at Linden Bank. Rhino on the camera for these two both released estimated 550 and 250lbs. Left: Townsville GF club members have been taking advantage of the good weather to get out to Myrmidon Reef. As with last year, the fishing seems to be pretty good with most boats getting a couple of shots a day and catching a couple. Mark Parkes on his boat Mojo was one such boat taking advantage of the good weather late last week, tagging two on Thursday (150 and this one at 400lbs).Right: A picture from Capt. Dean Beech of Kenton on the leader on Castille III with the 400lb-er caught on a lure off Lizard Island last week. Back to Capt. Chris ‘Sharky’ Miles who back on the reef after enjoying some days off after some real solid fishing this season with 16 in 14 days. Angler Gavan enjoyed some real good fishing on board Mauna Kea earlier this month and came back with some awesome shots, including these of a fish they battled on a big fish day.

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