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Granders Plus!


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The reef is on fire!Right on cue for the Lizard Island tournament the big fish are showing up with the rumor mill reporting 5 granders released on Number 10 Ribbon yesterday! Confirmed from Capt. Dean Beech on Castille III who released this one (pictured) that he called 1100lbs. With Craig ‘Pirate’ Smith on board, the team got plenty of action on film! Also at Number 10 and with anglers from Tasmania on board for their second year, Watchdog was last seen backing off out wide. Brett later reported that angler Nigel, accompanying the boys on his first trip to the reef released his very first Cairns black marlin that Capt. Brian Felton called 1050lbs after an hours fight. Down on Number 7, Tradition and KEKOA each released smaller blacks and had bites from other fish and are no doubt moving up to 10 today, as are many of the fleet who are making their way to Lizard for the tournament. The countdown to the tournament which starts Sunday is now on, and with the run up to the full moon at the end of the month the fishing should continue to be great.

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