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Another Big Fish Day (updated)


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The view from on the way to Cook’s Look on Lizard Island this morning The fishing is still hot hot hot and the action has moved down the reef.Watchdog finished their trip with their Tasmanian visitors on a high with four for the day including one over 800lbs and a sailfish on Number 7. Brett reports they saw many more. At Number 5, Reel Ripe did likewise with going four from four with one a piece for his anglers – 800lbs for Shane Thompson, 700lb for Campbell Parker, 150lb for Peter Parker and 250lb for Brendan White! Also in the middle Capt. Tim Dean on Calypso released another big fish yesterday at 950lbs.Back at Number 10: Boats fishing up from the bottom were Tradition and KEKOA. Capt. Tim went two from 4 while Capt. Luke release the one early in the day and battled rubber hook syndrome for several others. Capt. Luke also tells me he saw the boys on Iona II release a big one at 10 as well.Fishing from the top, the Lizard Island boat came back into the island with two tag flags flying, releasing fish at 700 & 400lb for their anglers. Spartacus with one tag flag also. Capt. Darren on Allure tells me they went one from two at 800lbs and lost the other of similar size. Capt. Darren also reports they released one that would go the mark earlier in the week adding him to the grander list.The fishing is just getting better and better. —Fraser CoastSome news from Barry Alty and the team on Mistress on the Gold Coast who have been getting into some more blue marlin off Breaksea Spit. The boys went two from three blues (and two yellowfin) Thursday including one about 350lbs that charged the boat twice but didn’t do any damage because the bill was above the coverboards!

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